New kind of programming available for RCO-tool

With our new full integrated modules creating a building automation project has never been easier. All relevant parts of a project like the programming, the visualization including pictures and datapoints are integrated into one module. Less Modules are necessary to do even more. The work process hasn‘t changed with the new modules, drag&drop a module to the work area and you are good to go.

New Network Controller RCO 800D-M/W

The new Network Controllers RCO 800D-M/W are equipped with powerful processors, optimised memory capacity, various integration abilities (BACnet Ethernet/IP/MSTP/PTP, Modbus RTU Master/Slave, M-Bus, etc.) and integrated Web technology. The RCO 8..D-M/W series with its high flexibility is prepared for today’s and future requirements of the modern building automation. I/O expansions with the new analogue Expander I/O Module RCO 816D-E with 8UI/4DO/4AO are possible. The BACnet protocol according AMEV-Profile-A is supported. The length of data point names is extended from 20 to 64 signs.

Innovative Building Management for sustainable energy efficiency

For over 50 years Elesta has been active in control engineering and for more than 30 of those years in building automation and building management. Experience pays off.
Based on the latest information technology we develop, produce and market innovative system solutions for building management and automation, infrastructures and renewable energies. Our customers are our first priority.

Energy efficiency made in Germany

The energy consumption of buildings moves evermore into the focus. With more than 40 % buildings consume the largest portion of the entire energy consumption in the industrial nations. Constantly rising energy costs have for this reason a substantial influence on the economy of the building operation. During the design of a building it is attempted to ensure the well-being of the building user beside the sustainable improvement of the energy efficiency


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