Master Controller

Controlesta Master Controller RCO 9...D-M

The Master Controller series Controlesta RCO 9...D-M are freely programmable Controller. They ensure the efficient control of the transformation, distribution and supply of all required forms of energy and media in a building. Progressive energy management strategies can be custom-tailored to the needs of the customer.

The Master Controller can be connected via Ethernet to the RCO D network (peer-to-peer communication). The implemented interfaces and protocols offer a variety of communication and integration abilities.

As a native BACnet Controller the Master Controller supports on demand the BACnet protocol according to the BACnet Standard ISO16484-5:2010, Rev.12.
Options for the Data Link Layer of the BACnet Building Controller (B-BC): BACnet-Ethernet, -IP, -MS/TP and -PTP. Router functionality according to Clause 6. BBMD (BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device) function can be activated if required.


Controlesta Master Controller RCO 9...D-W

The Master Controllers of the Controlesta RCO 9...D-W series provides additionally an integrated Web server for the visualization and operation of plant data and alarms via Intranet or Internet with a standard Web browser. With the help of the Web browser every PC becomes an operator terminal. The installation can be accessed at any time directly at the control panel or via Intranet or per remote control via the Internet. The HTML5 Web pages are generated time efficient through the simple conversion of the graphical operator menu of a web enabled Controller. Scalable to Monitor to Monitor size. In a network with several Controllers only one web enabled Controller is necessary to ensure the remote control of all Controllers via the Web browser.

Your benefit:

  • AMEV-Profile-A supported

  • Data point addressing up to 64 signs
  • Integrated Web server for direct visualisation and operation via a standard Web browser. Scalable to Monitor to Monitor size, HTML 5 compatible

  • Indication of online and historical data as graphical trend-logs via a standard Web browser

  • BA Efficiency class A according EN15232 possible
  • Future proofed: BACnet Building Controller ISO16484-5:2010, Rev. 12
  • Integrated coloured graphical display for local operation
  • Indication of online and historical data as trend-logs via the display
  • E-mailing (Alarms, historical Data) direct from the Controller
  • High flexibility and scalability through the modular concept of the belonging I/O-modules
  • Variety of integration and communication abilities through integrated protocols (BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, Wilo, Grundfos, etc.)
  • High storage capacity for program and data storage on SD-Memory Card
  • Reduction of necessary panel space through extreme compact design
  • Variant for DIN-rail mounting and panel door mounting
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RCO D System 9-18 PDF September 2018

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