Gestion Technique du Bâtiment (GTB) Controlesta

ELESTA’s innovative and interoperable building controls is in line with the requirements of sustainable energy efficiency. Optimisation of the economy, the energy efficiency and comfort of a building ... throughout it’s life cycle.


Within the Standard EN15232 “Energy performance of buildings –impact of building automation and building management” the impact of building automation and management on the energy efficiency of buildings is described. The Controlesta RCO-System offers the ability to reach the highest BA energy efficiency class A.


The Master and Network Controller can work stand-alone or within a network (Ethernet connection with peer-to-peer communication). The system provides a high flexibility and scalability through the modular use of the I/O-Modules. The output modules are available with integrated manual override ability. Innovative integrated web and network technology offers a high flexibility and functionality.  
The embedded Web server of the Master and Network controller allows the visualisation and operation of plant data and alarms via Intranet and Internet with a standard Web browser. With the help of the Web-Browser every PC becomes an operator terminal. The client server architecture of the web based Building-Management-Software RCO-view allows Multi-user access to the installations, at each time, at any place.


The Controlesta RCO series offers a variety of  integration- and communication abilities. The free programmable Controlesta RCO Master and Network Controller supports on demand the BACnet protocol acc. the BACnet Standard ISO 16484-5:2010 Revision 12 with the BACnet device profile B-BC. Beside the BACnet variants BACnet-Ethernet, -IP, -MS/TP and -PTP the protcols Modbus, M-Bus, Wilo, Grundfos, RCO-C, ASCII, TCP/IP are supported. The German AMEV profile A is supported. The name length of all objects can contain 64 characters.

Networking –
The key to success

Over the last decades ELESTA developed a world-wide network of independent, highly qualified system partners. The certified system partners selected according to carefully specified criteria are ELESTA’s key to success. The combination of our market-leading products and services and the exclusive regional support of our system partners form the basis for satisfied customers and successful projects.

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